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Sean presents on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. It follows 15 years at the BBC. During that time he was a regular face on the BBC News Channel, BBC One, or if you’re outside the UK on BBC World News. He spent two and a half years at Sky, broadcasting on Sky News and Sky Sports News. 

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Row with Piers Morgan on GMB

Piers has strong views which he’s not afraid to air. Watch Sean confront him, live on GMB.

12 February 2016


BBC Science Series

Alongside chef Tom Kerridge and Dr Alice Roberts, Sean will be fronting a new BBC Two series uncovering important facts about our food, the people who sell it and what it means for our health. Food Unwrapped will be broadcast in the Spring of 2016.

12 February 2016

weather pic

Sean the weatherman??

The satellite link to GMB’s weather presenter failed, so Piers Morgan asked Sean to step into Laura Tobin’s shoes.

1 April 2016



Interviewing one of the greatest footballers of all time at the premiere of his new film.

12 February 2016


GMB Plank-off

Top of the leaderboard, for a short while at least, during GMB’s plank off challenge. Watch Sean take on Susanna here.

12 February 2016