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Sean presents on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. It follows¬†15 years at the BBC. During that time he was a regular face on the BBC News Channel, BBC One, or if you’re outside the UK on BBC World News. He spent two and a half years at Sky, broadcasting on Sky News and Sky Sports News.¬†


Following England at Wembley

Interviewing Wayne Rooney.

29 October 2014


Sepsis Ball

Sean attended the Inaugural Sepsis Charity Ball to raise the profile of septicaemia, or blood poisoning.

29 October 2014


Soldier Selfie at the Invictus Games

Sean attended the inspiring Invictus Games, and got to know members of the 1st Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment Vikings.

29 October 2014


Celebration time

Celebrating Lorraine’s 30 years on TV.

29 October 2014


The Ice Bucket Challenge

Laura Tobin and Sean helping Ben and Susanna with the challenge.

22 August 2014